Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Been An Asshole

Yes, I know it's been almost a full month since my last post. What can I say? I'm a busy girl! Ha! In all honesty, I used to be able to write these things everyday. Maybe my life was a soap opera back then? I don't know. All I know is I'm pretty much a boring asshole as of late.

Where should I start? Hmmmm... Ranger baseball is my obsession. There. I said it. I pretty much kept this quiet for the past 20... 22 years? Don't know why. Apparently, guys like a girl who loves sports. But yeah, I've been going to games this past year with a few people (one that I will talk about a little bit later) and they have been fun, win or lose. I just pray they win Tuesday with another battle of the badass pitchers, but we all know Lee > Price.

Also took that Foreign Service exam last Monday. Not too bad, but the essay portion was way too short. I hope I did okay anyway. On to writing this essay for my teaching alternative application.

Love life? Non-existent, but you wouldn't know it if I text and email you constantly. Who the hell talks face to face anymore? I'm having to deal with that right now. He won't tell me over the phone or text, but he said it's a good thing. My stomach hurts in anticipation. Also, why would a guy send me his number with the subject of "drunk text" and he has a fiancee? Makes no sense. I give up.

I'm hoping to see one or two of my bffs this week. One later tonight and one at the fair. I miss my girls!!

Until next time.


  1. Leave that guy alone! Bad news man! He's a bad news man!

  2. Which guy? I'm done with the guy with the old lady. Yes, she's old.