Friday, July 30, 2010

Technologically Attached

I constantly hear that I'm way too connected for my own good.

Tell me something: Why is this such a bad thing? Is it bad that I want to keep up in my friends' lives even though they're thousands of miles away? Is it bad that I want to keep up with everything from the latest stock prices to the scores of the Ranger game that's playing at the time?

And why am I the only one criticized for this connection?

I'll be the first to admit I might need to go to rehab for this "electronic attachment." I refuse to say addicted and obsessed because if I was both things, I wouldn't be able to leave it alone. But I know damn well I'm not the only who needs to go to techy rehab.

Just look at yourself for a minute... maybe an hour... and then look at your phone. How many times a day hour do you look at it, waiting for that text message from a loved one or that important call you've been waiting for? Once? Twice? More like over 50 times.

So don't say I'm "obsessed" or "too connected" when you do the exact same thing; I just happen to have a better phone to do it on. Or maybe we should just chalk it up to being envious for wanting that fancy schmancy phone that someone has and you still have your outdated flip phone. I'm not trying to talk smack about flip phones, mind you, but they are kinda outdated in this fast paced world.

End Rant.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Figuring Things Out

Just finished my application for registering for the Foreign Service Officer Test. Yes, you read that right. Just the exam!!

Anyway, I guess I should start from the beginning in my quest for my purpose in life.

Going to work, day by day, doing the exact same thing over and over again can take a toll on a girl, especially when surrounded by people who either make you feel bad/stupid or the ones who make you want to bang your head on your desk. Yeah, that tedious.

I wasn't until I almost got ran over by a hippo coworker who desperately need to tattle talk to the manager when I realized... I'm in high school and I don't need this. I'm either too smart or know how to play dumb for this job and everyone knows it. And I'm just kinda done with it.

I thought about teaching and still considering it, but I really want to do it overseas for about a year. Never realized that since I'm dark complected, I may be at a disadvantage. Plus, being Filipino, most Asian countries and Saudi Arabia use Filipinos as domestic workers (read: maids, nannies, etc.) and/or sex slaves. I really don't want a parent look down on me just because I look like their maid or something. Sometimes your resume isn't all employers look at and that's frustrating.

I thought about law school again, but most of the lawyers I know are either unemployed or in different fields. I remember talking to this girl at a party and she told me she was an attorney, but now she makes soaps on etsy and she's happy. Another girl I met, I never knew she had her Juris Doctore, but is now in HR at an awesome public relations firm here in town. I also reconsidered family law if I did go to law school, but after seeing divorces happening to my closest friends, I still believe I shouldn't help break families up.

It wasn't until my friend came into town after a stint teaching in South Korea that I really should put my degree to use. She was telling me about the Foreign Service Officer Test she took before she left; so I looked into it. There was one area I was interested in: Public Diplomacy. It just seemed to call to me just from looking at it.

So here I am after going through that process. I'm not really expecting anything out of it, but if it happens, so be it.

Anyway, time for bed. Maybe a hippo won't hit me tomorrow.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

My First Soccer Game

So, I went to see my first soccer game earlier tonight in the crazy heat. Oy. I hate the heat.

What I didn't know is that soccer players are cute... until my friend, who was sitting next to me said "You know me and I play soccer."

He's right. Oops!! #FAIL

Monday, July 5, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

Mood: Profound
Music: Danity Kane (don't judge).

Just this minute, I realized how dumb I've been. I know I shouldn't dwell in the past, but something has been bothering me or maybe it saved me from further heartbreak. All I know is I finally pinpointed the moment that I got sucked into that crazy relationship/friendship/whatever and never let go until now.

I should have realized the moment he came crawling back should have been the moment that I said goodbye. After all, if he was going to lie about a girlfriend, think of the other lies he may have told. And that same moment, he realized he could probably get away with anything if he worded it right.

Not anymore.

This too shall pass.

Night, y'all.