Friday, July 30, 2010

Technologically Attached

I constantly hear that I'm way too connected for my own good.

Tell me something: Why is this such a bad thing? Is it bad that I want to keep up in my friends' lives even though they're thousands of miles away? Is it bad that I want to keep up with everything from the latest stock prices to the scores of the Ranger game that's playing at the time?

And why am I the only one criticized for this connection?

I'll be the first to admit I might need to go to rehab for this "electronic attachment." I refuse to say addicted and obsessed because if I was both things, I wouldn't be able to leave it alone. But I know damn well I'm not the only who needs to go to techy rehab.

Just look at yourself for a minute... maybe an hour... and then look at your phone. How many times a day hour do you look at it, waiting for that text message from a loved one or that important call you've been waiting for? Once? Twice? More like over 50 times.

So don't say I'm "obsessed" or "too connected" when you do the exact same thing; I just happen to have a better phone to do it on. Or maybe we should just chalk it up to being envious for wanting that fancy schmancy phone that someone has and you still have your outdated flip phone. I'm not trying to talk smack about flip phones, mind you, but they are kinda outdated in this fast paced world.

End Rant.

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