Friday, November 12, 2010

Dating and Technology

I went on a blind date recently. Nice enough guy, not typically who I go for and I usually can overlook this. Here's the problem.

Me: I'll text you sometime.
Him: Sorry, I don't text.

Ladies and gentleman, I think I found the man who still lives in the early 2000s.

I'll admit it, I'm techie shallow. I can overlook the fact he's a little naive in the dating world and that he's a single dad and a perfectly nice man.

Texting is a whole different story. I mean, I can't make outside phone calls at work. I don't even make plans by calling anymore. Since the smartphone age, I've been planning events and dates from my phone from simple Texting to creating invites from an iPhone app. If I really wanted to, I can sign up for a dating site from my phone during lunch.

But actual calling? I only do that for job interviews and emergencies or if I really need to talk to my bff. I'll call my mother every once in a while, but even then she prefers Texting.

I know I'm wrong in this, but I can't call to chit chat with dates anymore. I'm a techie kind of girl and that's who I'll be for a while. Step up or step off. Just make sure you text first.


  1. I actually had that same problem with a really cute guy. We switched numbers and I would text and he kept CALLING. I was like WTF I cant talk right now, but he would call anyway. We stopped talking, so I feel your pain. He wouldn't hip himself to the tech.

  2. Is there anyway I can get notifications on these damn comments? I'm just now reading this and it's Dec. 5th!!!